Janell Hills

As the founder of Educate7, I would like to personally welcome you to our website and the world of financial assistance for students in Brazoria County!  Although I cannot physically see each person visiting the website, I thank you for taking the time to peruse because it gives me the opportunity to share with you the mission of our organization, how we have assisted students on their educational journey and upcoming events which you can be a part of!

Educate7 has been a vehicle to assist students in their educational journey providing 37 students to date with financial assistance; built upon the legacy of Shirley Temple Hills.  This organization is designed to encourage, empower and endow to ensure students strive to achieve their goals and realize nothing is impossible.  Please stay tuned to what is to come and again, thank you for visiting!

Shirley Temple Hills

Educate7 was developed to assist in furthering educational goals by providing financial support to students in the Brazoria County area who have persevered through high school and are seeking higher education.  Each year, we present seven college scholarships built on the legacy of longtime Brazoria, TX resident, the late Shirley Temple Hills, to ensure that her LEGACY LIVES ON.

Educate7 is dedicated to contributing to the development of leaders by encouraging them to pursue a higher education. With your financial support, Educate7 will have the opportunity to increase the scholarship offerings to all students.