Working to Keep The Legacy Alive in Brazoria County!

Educate 7 Supports Brazoria County’s High School Seniors Who Have Persevered Through Adversity in Loving Memory of Shirley Temple Hills, Brazoria County, TX.

Educate 7 Foundation is determined to bridge the gap between communities and corporations to students who want to realize their dreams of a better future.

Let’s work together to Sponsor a brighter future!

Sponsorships and donations help us budget throughout the year. Funding thousands of annual college scholarships for seven students who’ve persevered through hardships who live and work in Brazoria County. You can help make their dreams come true by making a donation to Educate 7 today!

We invest in each other

We Network With Each Other, We Love On Each Other

Wherever love shows up, success is on the way … because love never fails.

~ Dr. Janell Hills, E7 Founder

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