Keeping Shirley Temple Hills
Legacy Alive!

The scholarships that are provided to Brazoria County students by Educate7 are in loving memory of Shirley Temple Hills.


To stimulate and nurture students power of education through scholarships & more

Each year, Educate7 provides $1,000 -$2,500 in need-based aid to a minimum of seven high school graduating seniors to ensure that students of all backgrounds can access transformative education. Following “Shirley’s Vision”, families applying for need-based financial aid pay no application fee and are awarded financial assistance based on a required online essay and personal circumstances and does not include loans. Low-income and first-generation students receive additional mentorship, funding, and career support. Students are presented checks in person at an annual gala in the Brazoria County area of Texas.

At Educate7, we’re all about improving the quality of life for students in the Brazoria County area of Texas!

It doesn’t matter who the students are, where they’re from, or what they intend to study — what’s important is that they’re courageous enough to take chances, express your thoughts through our online essays, discover their passions, and learn and grow. Since the beginning of E7’s scholarship program, we have awarded scholarships up to $2,000 and hope to expand the amount of monies we can offer students to open new intellectual horizons. It’s that approach that empowers our standards and with help from local companies and corporations we can foster world-changing college graduates.

Community starts with sharing common spaces — and a common spirit.

Each year Educate7 integrates citizens of Brazoria County and students and their families who live together and care for one another. Brazoria County is a home as soon as you set foot on land. Educate7 hosts fashion shows, golf tournaments, cookie bake sales and, of course, our annual scholarship awards gala to honor each year’s recipients. We can all only do a little so we must all do what we can … IT’S AMAZING WHAT WE CAN DO WHEN WE COME TOGETHER!

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