About Us

Janell C. Hills, Ed.D.
Founder of Educate7 and Ready Set Grow…Something!

Janell Hills, Founder of Educate7 and Ready, Set, Grow is passionate about young adults visualizing their lives beyond their current circumstances.

After losing her mom July 22, 2012, Janell began this organization to give back to the community in which her mom worked tirelessly and selflessly.  Janell began making phone calls and scheduling meetings to discuss ideas and Educate7 was founded. To date, Educate7 has provided scholarships to students in Brazoria County exceeding $80,000.  With a staff of seven and countless volunteers, Janell is eager to provide larger scholarships to students in her hometown (Brazoria) and surrounding areas; one day providing a full scholarship to a university of the students choice.

As a motivational speaker, Janell has always inspired others to see beyond their circumstances. Today, Janell understands that vision is not always 20/20 and that path is not always easy. After losing her mom, Janell never imagined being on the doctoral journey without her mom by her side and immediately decided she wanted nothing to do with completing her doctorate and walked away from it for several years. Janell continued to reflect on conversations with her mom and students and decided that she had to do it for her mom.  Once Janell completed that journey she reflected on: I didn’t think I could do it without you but one day I made up my mind to do it for you!”


Shirley Temple Hills

Educate7 was developed to assist in furthering educational goals by providing financial support to students in the Brazoria County area who have persevered through high school and are seeking higher education.  Each year, we present seven college scholarships built on the legacy of longtime Brazoria, TX resident, the late Shirley Temple Hills, to ensure that her LEGACY LIVES ON.

Educate7 is dedicated to contributing to the development of leaders by encouraging them to pursue a higher education. With your financial support, Educate7 will have the opportunity to increase the scholarship offerings to all students.