Where are they now?

I am currently in my second year at Texas State University in San Marcos where I am majoring in elementary education. I am expected to graduate in May of 2019 with my early childhood through 6th grade teaching certification. Since being here at Texas State, I have made Dean’s List 2 of the 3 semester one of which I had a 4.0. I am currently an officer of the Bobcat Belles which is an organization that works directly with the Texas State football program and the coaches. I am also an active member in a Panhellenic sorority, Chi Omega. I want to thank Educate 7 for their generous scholarship that had an impact in helping me further my education.


Tiffany Stratton
Sweeny High School Class of 2015

did made a difference in my life in helping me get an step closer to achieve my dream of becoming a teacher. Right now, I am in my second year at Brazosport College. In May, I am going to get my Associates Degree in teaching. Then, I am planning to transfer to the University of Houston in Clear Lake to get my Bachelors Degree in Early Education. I couldn’t have been where I am now without your help. Thank you so much and I hope Education 7 can keep helping out students get closer to their dreams.

God bless you,

Estefania Jimenez

I started off at Texas Tech University as a Chemical Engineering major. This led me to study abroad for five weeks in Norway over this past summer! Unfortunately, I decided Engineering was not for me. This January I transferred to Texas State University and I am now majoring in Biochemistry with plans to attend medical school if that is God’s will for my future. I’ve had many great experiences throughout colleges and I am happy where I am today. I am on track to graduate May 2019 with my Bachelors of Science!


Courtney Steed

Hello my name is Jessica Beristain and I was a recipient of the educate 7 scholarship in 2016.  I am currently attending my second semester at Texas A&M university in college station and majoring in nutritional sciences. This past semester was one of the most difficult yet impacting moments of my life. On top of being alone in an unknown town I was pushed immensely in my education. The way success is defined differs from person to person and although there are millions of ways I could have done things better there are also millions of things I have learned. I learned basic knowledge on what to do when my car breaks down, where to go when I am ill, and simply how college works. Along with these basic facts, my semester also opened my eyes to much deeper factors. I learned that success is not defined by a specific grade or a title but rather the open mind to learn and motivation to continue a certain path. Looking back at my first semester I can’t help but feel proud. It was difficult. It was rough. But it was exactly what I needed to grow. I am very pleased with my major so far and am very excited to be continuing it! Along with my education I am also trying to become more involved with the town and the school by applying for organizations. I am incredibly thankful for this scholarship. It has benefitted me by allowing me to park on campus. The bus stop was a mile from where I lived so I can’t even begin to explain how much of a relief it was. I apologize for the delay in reply but thanks for asking for an update!


Jessica Beristain

My name is Bailey Mayo. I am currently a freshman at Texas A&M University. My major is Early Education (EC-6th).

I want to give a big thank you to Educate 7 for helping me achieve this goal by choosing me to be one of the lucky recipients for their scholarship!

After High School I attended Weatherford College in Weatherford, Texas on a softball scholarship. After one year there I graduated in December 2015 with an Associate Degree in Science. After applying to several nursing programs and working for a year. I was accepted into the LVN Nursing program at Brazosport College where I am currently enrolled.

Urshel Tims

I always try to let those who helped me know that they really did make a difference in my life, to help me achieve my dream. I am so thrilled to communicate to you that I am in my second semester of nursing school at UTMB in Galveston, and am on track to graduate this fall of 2017. This program has definitely challenged me, as it is an accelerated pace pre-licensure program, but every effort to get here was definitely worthwhile. I graduated with my Associate’s of Science from Brazosport College in May of 2016, a year after my graduation from CHS in 2015. I was able to obtain all of my prerequisites for nursing school at BC, and had the privilege of being accepted to UTMB’s School of Nursing where I started this past Fall of 2016. At the end of this year, December 2017, I will be graduating from this BSN RN program (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing) and soon after take my state board, and soon after that finally be what I always dreamed that I’d be! Thank you so much for Educating 7, I hope that when I am stable and able I will be able to give back so that Educate 7 continues for many more years.

God bless you and your foundation,

Jennifer Rubio